The company ITA was founded in 1992 on the basis of mass spectrometry laboratory Ioffe institute RAS (Russia, Saint-Petersburg). ITA specializes in developing and producing of mass-spectrometers.

The company offers comprehensive solutions of the following problems using time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometry:

  • determination internal water vapor content in integral circuits and other electronic products
  • express control of the gas phase in technological processes
  • elemental and chemical analysis of the solid-state samples
  • definition of the component composition of polymeric compounds
  • dynamic diagnostics of the gas environment during experimental physical and chemical processes
  • carrying out monitoring and searching works using a portable mini-complex

ITA develops and manufactures compact gas analyzers based on time-of-flight mass spectrometer for a wide range of tasks related to the definition of quantitative and isotopic composition of gaseous and solid-phase compounds.

Time-of-flight mass spectrometers carry out continuous comprehensive on-line analysis of the samples, therefore these devices are effective in case of production process dynamic control, environmental monitoring in industrial areas and science research.

Gas analyzers based on mass spectrometers can operate as a single compact devices for the rapid analysis of multicomponent gaseous streams in real time mode, and as parts of diagnostic or technological complexes:

  • during the thermographic analysis;
  • in studies of epitaxial crystal growth;
  • in the study of processes of explosive combustion;
  • for online control of gas phase composition during CVD and MOCVD processes.

The developed software allows to visually observe the mass spectrum in the on-line regime, to record accurately measured mass of the entire spectrum of the field, and to determine the relative percentage of the components selected by the operator.


Supplying research institutes, university laboratories, and factories compact mass spectrometers, we not only carry out development, taking into account all the technical requirements of the problem being solved and the full range of commissioning, but also carry out author’s maintenance.

Our specialists together with Customer conduct experiments to test the optimization of operating modes and, if necessary, adapt gas analyzers in the case of expansion the range of tasks by the Customer arising after delivery equipment.


Baykov Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science RAS (Moscow)

Institute of Electrophysics and Electric Power RAS (IEA RAS) (Moscow)

Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography RAS (Moscow)

Institute of Physics, Dagestan Scientific Center RAS

Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk)

«Svetlana-Semiconductors» company (St. Petersburg)

National Research University «Moscow Power Engineering Institute»

Branch of JSC «Corporation» Cometa (St. Petersburg)

JSC «Mosenergo Energy» (Moscow)

Tomsk State University

Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics

ANO «Scientific and Technical Center of Expertise projects and technologies» (Moscow)

ANO «AKNIIPO» (Moscow)

JSC «NIKIET» (Moscow)

FSUE «Mytishchi Research Institute of radio equipment» (Moscow)

«Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center» (ZNTTs, Zelenograd)

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